• The Gospel gives hope
    to the hopeless

  • The Gospel heals the
    broken hearted

  • The Gospel encourages the discouraged

  • The Gospel motivates
    the unmotivated

  • Finding joy in the midst
    of brokenness through humble
    dependence upon God
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    Welcome to Faith

    Faith Bible Church has been ministering the Gospel to our community for over 60 years and we would love to have an opportunity to minister to you as well. No matter where you are in life, we believe you can find a home at FBC because we are all equal at the cross.

    We also believe that the Cross of Christ is the solution to all our problems: individual, family, work, etc... The Cross teaches us that through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection, we not only find justification and forgiveness of our sins but we find power to change, hope to heal, and love as a purpose in life. The Cross teaches us dependency upon Christ.

    What we seek to do

    To grow in our love for Christ by growing in our knowledge, worship and enjoyment of Him. To respond to Him by humbling ourselves to the point of full dependency upon Him and no longer living for self. And to help others do the same.

    Our purpose at Faith is to turn people to Christ in both Salvation and our daily lives.

    Men's Discipleship Class

    During this discipleship-based Bible study, the men of the church gather to grow in our knowledge and joy of God, and applying that to our daily lives. We are seeking to become the leaders God has called us to be.