Scott Anderson (Pastor/Elder)

Pastor Scott was born in Houston, Texas where he grew up and his family still lives. He received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Tech. from LeTourneau University and a Bible degree from Word of Life Bible Institute where he meet his wife, Tamara. During that time, he felt God’s call to ministry and journeyed from the east coast to west to attend the Master’s Seminary.

In Southern California, the Seminary shaped in him a love for Theology and a passion for the exegesis of Scripture. They instilled in all students a deep knowledge and understanding for how to handle or exegete the text. That knowledge and love they instilled in him has shaped his preaching even to today.

Since that time he spent sixteen years in Menifee, half of the time as a Associate and the other half as the lead pastor. He has found a home at Faith Bible as it is not just a place for him to teach others, but a place for him to be taught. In the last few years God has been teaching him about the greatness and glory of God, grace, the gospel for everyday life and how all of that should not puff up but humble us, realizing that we fail in so many ways and need Christ every day. And that this joy needs to be taught to others so that they can pass it along.

Scott and Tamara have three college age children and a dog. Two of the children are in local colleges, one is in Seminary and the dog is probably asleep on their bed.

Greg Morrow (Elder)

Greg was born in Lynn, Massachusetts but spent his early years in Wilmington Delaware before the family moved to Southern California in 1968. The rest of his school years were through the San Bernardino school district and graduating from Pacific High School. He completed 6 ½ year of military service as a reservist with the U. S. Marines and U. S. Air Force. Greg has worked in sales for most of his life with a heavy concentration in the construction industry.

I spoke the sinner’s prayer when I was 14 years old, but it was not till later in life when I fully committed my life to Jesus Christ did I realize all the blessings God had in store for me.

Celest Dunlap (Secretary)